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5 Ways to Keep Your Plants Thriving this Spring

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

Grab your watering can, it's time to get your plants ready for Spring!

Spring is a season full of new growth and excitement. As the days get longer and brighter, your plants are going to come out of their winter dormancy and begin growing again. Learn how to care for them and promote a great growing season!

#1. Repotting

Spring is a great time to repot your plant! Plants can only grow as large as their pot, so repotting your plant into a larger pot is a good way to encourage new growth. Here are a few signs that your plant might need repotted:

  • Visible roots coming out of the pot are a sign that the plant has filled up all of the room in the pot and need a bigger pot!

  • Your plant should not be more than 2-3 times the size of the pot. Resize into a larger pot to allow room for growth!


#2. Spring Cleaning

Take some time to clean up your plant!

  • Wipe the winter dust off the leaves with a damp towel to improve photosynthesis. We recommend doing this once a month to remove any built up dust from the leaves.

  • Prune leggy and unwanted growth. Use a clean pair of scissors to trim off any growth you don't want (don't trim more than 50% of the plant's leaves!). This is a great way to promote new growth, as the plant will put its spare resources into growing new leaves!


#3. Update your Watering Schedule

You may notice your plant is using water more quickly as it sprouts new growth! You will need to adjust your watering schedule to ensure your plant is getting enough water to fuel it's spring growth.

  • Most plants will let you know when they need watered! Be on the lookout for faded colors, drooping leaves, and slight browning on the edges of the leaves.

  • Water your plants thoroughly and discard the excess water.


#4. It's Time to Fertilize

As soon as you see new growth, you can begin fertilizing! We recommend starting slow and building up as your plant's growth increases.

  • A balanced houseplant fertilizer will provide the needed nutrients for your plant to thrive.

  • Always fertilize on damp soil! Adding fertilizer to dry soil can damage the root system of the plant.


#5. Keep Your Plant Inside

Make sure your wait until after the last chance of frost in your area to move your plants outside!

  • Prolonged exposure to temperatures below 40F can be damaging to houseplants.

  • In most areas, we recommend waiting until early May to transition your houseplants outside!


Following these steps will help your plants live their best life this spring!

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Spring To Do List:

  • Repot your plant if needed

  • Wipe the dust off each leaf

  • Prune leggy or unwanted growth

  • Keep an eye on watering

  • Begin fertilizing

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