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Plant Warranty

Thorsen’s Greenhouse warranty guarantees your plants to be true to type and in healthy condition.

Despite our utmost efforts to ensure your plants are delivered safe, once your plants have left our nursery, they are dependent upon the delivery service to arrive safely and then upon your own care for them to thrive.

Thorsen’s Greenhouse offers a warranty on all plants we ship. In order to take advantage of this warranty, should your plant(s) arrive damaged, you will need to submit a photo of the damaged plant(s) to us within 3 days of the plant’s delivery.

Please email us at to send your notice or claims. We will make a note of your damaged plant(s), and if your plant(s) dies within 30 days of your notification and photo(s), we will offer you a replacement plant(s) or a refund.

Note: Shedding, color-changing, or damaged leaves are not included in this warranty. Houseplants by nature will occasionally shed leaves as their natural way of protecting themselves from unnatural heat, cold or lack of sunshine, which are all potential possibilities in the shipping process. Once you trim the yellow or dead leaves off, new foliage will soon begin to grow!

We do not accept buyer’s remorse returns.

Questions? Contact us here.

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