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Summer Plant Care - 3 Tips to Beat the Heat

Updated: Jan 25

It's officially summer! Long days and plenty of sunshine give us a chance to slow down and relax. Houseplants love summer as well! It is the main growing season for indoor houseplants. However this time of year can also be challenging, as high temperatures can be damaging not only to plants, but to humans as well. Read on for our top 3 tips to promote strong growth in your plants this summer.


1. Water Thoroughly and Often

Just like all living things, plants need to keep hydrated to grow! Your plant will need more water during the summer than the winter or fall. This is because the warm temperatures and bright sunshine are promoting growth in your plant, resulting in increased water usage! Help your plant grow by watering thoroughly and often. Signs that your plant needs watered can look like wilted, curling, or wrinkled leaves and faded colors. Always make sure to water thoroughly when you water, to ensure plenty of hydration to the plant's roots. If you notice your plant's soil drying out exceedingly fast, you may need to repot your plant!


2. Check in on Sun Exposure

Summer is the season of sunshine! While plenty of sunshine is great for plant growth, too much sunshine can lead to damage. Most indoor houseplants should avoid direct sun rays (the exception being cacti and succulents). If your plant is in a bright and sunny spot, check in to make sure the sun isn't too strong. Signs of sun damage can looks like bleached spots or browning and curled leaves. Consider pulling a sheer curtain across the window during midday, when the sun is the strongest, or placing your plant a few feet further from the window!


3. Keep an Eye on A/C

Of course we love to feel that blast of cool air from the A/C on a hot day, but your houseplants prefer a consistent and stable environment. Most indoor houseplants originate from tropical environments, which are warm and moist. You will want to consider this when setting your A/C temperature. The recommended indoor temperature to keep your plants happy is 70-80F during the day, and 65-70F at night. In addition to keeping a comfortable temperature, you also want to keep an eye on humidity, as A/C units can quickly dry out the air. You can remedy this by running a humidifier and opening the windows when the A/C if off (if you live in a humid area!). Be sure you do not have your plants placed too close to a vent or A/C unit, as cold stream of air can be damaging to the plant.


You may notice that these tips can apply to humans as well! Summers can be harsh - make sure you are taking care of yourself. Drink plenty of water, apply sunscreen liberally and often, and spend time inside when the sun is at it's highest.

Happy Summer!


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