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The 3 Best Plants to Decorate a Dorm Room

Updated: Jan 25

When you're shopping for college, don't forget about plants! Houseplants make great additions to dorm rooms and add much needed life to those cold college walls. Plants are also renowned for their mood and focus boosting abilities, making them the perfect college study buddy!

When choosing a plant, you have to consider several factors such as the lighting conditions, how frequently you need to water, and the amount of time plant care might take. Our 3 top plants for dorm rooms feature several shared benefits: all 3 are easy to care for (so your plant care routine does not cut into study time), require little water, and can thrive in low lighting conditions! This trifecta of benefits make these plants perfect for adding life to any college student's dorm room.

Snake 'Laurentii'

Snake Plants are well renowned for being one of the easiest plants to care for! This variety of succulent plants grows tall, pointed leaves which are dark green with bright yellow edges. Snake 'Laurentii' can go without water and sunlight for over a month and still thrive!

Hoya 'Kerrii' Heart

This adorable heart-shaped plant can not only add life to a cold dorm room, but also remind your college student of their loved ones back home! Hoya 'Kerrii' is a compact plant, perfect for growing in tight quarters like a dorm room. This plant does well placed on a windowsill and thrives with little water!

ZZ Plant

ZZ Plants are the ultimate low maintenance plant! These waxy leaved plants grow rhizomes below the soil which store water, making them extremely drought tolerant. This plant thrives on neglect, so feel free to devote your brain power to studying rather than plant care!


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