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Top 6 Giftable Mother's Day Plants

Updated: Jan 25

Mother's Day is just around the corner, and for many of us, it's a special occasion to honor and celebrate the incredible moms in our lives! While there are many ways to show our love, finding the perfect gift can be a challenge. After all, our moms have given us so much, and it can be tough to find a gift that expresses how much they mean to us. Giving the gift of a live plant is a thoughtful, sustainable, and meaningful way to show your mom how much you care!

Few gifts can match the natural beauty and positive impact of live plants. Whether she's an avid gardener or simply loves to surround herself with beautiful things, a live plant is a gift that will continue to bring joy and positivity to her life for years to come. Give Mom a gift that is as unique as she is!

Top 6 Giftable Plants for Mothers Day

1 - Green Heartleaf Philodendron with Mother's Day Card

This is the ultimate gift for any plant loving mom! Green Heartleaf Philodendrons are fast growing and easy to care for. Perfect for displaying in any room of her home! Plus an eco-friendly, plantable Mother's Day card is the perfect way to tell Mom how much you appreciate her. This card is made of biodegradable paper embedded with real wildflower seeds - she can plant in soil and enjoy growing her own flowers!

2 - Aloe Vera Plant with Aloe You Vera Much Pot

Show Mom how much you love her with this easy-going Aloe Vera plant in an adorable pot reading "Aloe You Vera Much". This is a wonderful option for a mom with less plant experience, as Aloe Vera plants require little maintenance! She can enjoy this succulent plant as it grows effortlessly on her sunny windowsill!

3 - Variegated String of Hearts

If mom loves unique and hard to find plants , she will love Variegated String of Hearts! This rare variety grows heart-shaped leaves that display variegated white, green, and pink colors. As this plant grows, the delicate vines will cascade over the sides of the pot, making it a showstopper in her window!

4 - My Monet Weigela Perennial

For the gardening moms - My Monet Weigela makes a wonderful gift! This hardy, Proven Winners shrub is perfect for adding into Mom's garden. With it's variegated leaves and delicate pink blooms, she will enjoy the colors of this plant for years on end.

5 - Lemon Lime Prayer Plant

If mom loves her fur-babies almost as much as her human babies, a pet safe plant is a must! Lemon Lime Prayer Plant is a best-selling indoor plant, loved for it's brightly colored leaves and relatively easy growth. This plant is non-toxic and safe to have around pets!

6 - Flowering Calandiva

What mom doesn't love beautifully colored blooms? This flowering Calandiva will last longer than a bouquet of flowers - and can rebloom year after year! Easy to care for, Calandiva is part of the succulent family. This plant is great for a mom with any level of plant experience!


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