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Top Plant Trends for June 2022

Updated: Jan 25

For the last two years, houseplants have been a huge trend, and it isn't slowing down. We are seeing more and more plant varieties become available to the public, which can make it overwhelming to choose which plants you want to grow. We're making finding your next houseplant obsession easy by analyzing our sales trends and telling you our top trends for June 2022!


#1 Alocasia 'Black Velvet'

There are so many variety of Alocasia, but our best selling (and favorite) is Black Velvet! This variety displays velvety-soft leaves in an almost-black shade of green. The bright white veins make this plant a standout! We have found Black Velvet to be easier to grow than other Alocasia varieties, making it a hit with newer plant parents. Join in on the Alocasia craze by picking up a Black Velvet to add to your collection!


#2 Philodendron 'Birkin'

Philodendron 'Birkin' is identified by the bright white striping on it's leaves. Birkin is a newer hybrid philodendron variety, stemming from Philodendron Rojo Congo. This plant is a compact, upright growing philodendron that is easy growing and low maintenance! Each leaf is unique with variations of green and white striping. If you are lucky, your Birkin can even grow pure white leaves!


#3 Red Prayer Plant

Last month we talked about Lemon Lime Prayer Plant, this month it is all about the Red Prayer Plant! We have been seeing big increases in demand for this variety - and for good reason! These pet safe plants are known for the intricate design of their leaves, and the way the leaves fold up at night like hands in prayer. Red Prayer Plant displays bright bands of red coloration on the faces of the leaves paired with vibrant red undersides to each leaf. This is a must have plant in our opinion!


Honorable Mention: Pilea Peperomiodes

Our honorable mention for June is Pilea Peperomiodes! Pet safe, easy to propagate, low maintenance... you just can't go wrong! You may recognize this plant by the names Friendship Plant, or Chinese Money Plant! Thought to bring good luck to those who care for it, Pilea Peperomiodes is the perfect plant for your collection.


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