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Top Plant Trends for May 2022

Updated: Jan 25

With so many houseplants on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose what plants you want to grow. To make it easy, we have analyzed our sales trends and compiled the top 3 trending houseplants, plus one honorable mention!

Trends come and go, but the houseplant craze has been going strong for the last two years (and we don't anticipate it slowing down!). Get in on the action by grabbing yourself a trendy plant or two! Trends we are seeing this month include giftable plants, pet safe plants, and bright colors. Each plant on our list is unique, with it's own beneficial qualities. Read on to find which plant you should get this month.


#1 Lemon Lime Prayer Plant

Lemon Lime Prayer Plant has been at the top of the charts recently! This plant has everything going for it; it's pet safe, adaptable to different light levels, and features fun foliage! Prayer Plant leaves move throughout the day as they follow the sun, even folding up at night. Often grown as a trailing or hanging plant, this is the perfect addition to your window!


#2 Staghorn Fern

Ferns have always been classic houseplants, but recently the otherworldly Staghorn Fern has been in high demand! The velvety leaves of the plant are reminiscent of elk or deer antlers, inspiring it's common name. Staghorn Ferns are epiphytic, making them great for wall hangings, attaching to logs, or hanging in a window! Plus this fern is safe for pets!


#3 Sunnystar Oyster

Sunnystar Oyster is a newer plant variety, sought after for it's bright purple & yellow leaves! Part of the Tradescantia family, Sunnystar Oyster is an easy-growing, eye-catching plant great for hanging in a window or featuring on a coffee table! You may also recognize this plant by the name Moses-in-the-Cradle or Boatlily. If you want something truly unique in your plant collection, Sunnystar Oyster is just the plant you need!


Honorable Mention: Green Heartleaf Philodendron

No plant collection is complete without a Philodendron! Heartleaf Philodendron is an underrated classic! This low maintenance and fast growing plant should be a staple in any plant lover's home! Hang in a window, trail along a bannister, climb a moss pole - the options are endless with Philodendron!


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