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Plant parenthood can be a challenging learning process, but it is always worth the reward of a beautiful and healthy plant!

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Plant care doesn't have to be hard! 

We're here to help.

When your plant arrives, unbox it as soon as possible. If the surface of the soil feels dry, give your plant a drink of water! Remove any yellow or brown leaves and broken stems. Avoid repotting your plant for at least a week to give it time to adjust to its new environment!

You can expect your plant to stay dormant during winter and start growing mid-spring. Keep inside until mid-May or after the last frost of the season. As a general rule, if your pot width is 4-5" inches wide, water it with 1/4 cup of water once a week. If it's 6" wide, water it with 1/2 cup of water once a week. 

If you ordered during the Winter, please note the small wrapped package that came with your plant is a heat pack that can be discarded.

Quick Tips to Get Started

Quick Tips to Get Started
Unboxing Guide
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Unboxing Tips

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