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Green Greetings: The Perfect Houseplants to Gift this Holiday Season

What better way to spread joy and cheer this holiday season than with the gift of greenery? Move over traditional presents, because this year we're talking about the best houseplants to give your loved ones! Whether you're shopping for your green-thumbed friend or a plant novice, we've got the perfect suggestions to make this season a little greener.


Norfolk Pine

A green Norfolk Pine plant in a white pot. It's branches are decorated with red, green, and gold ornaments.

Let's kick off the list with a classic holiday favorite – the Norfolk Pine. With its tiered branches resembling a mini Christmas tree, this little evergreen adds festive flair to any home! Not only is it visually appealing, but it also brings a touch of nature indoors, making it a thoughtful and enduring gift. Decorate your Norfolk Pine with mini ornaments and garland and you have the perfect tabletop Christmas tree to enjoy all season long!

Holiday Cactus

A Holiday Cactus plant in a silver pot - it has green succulent leaves and pink flower buds.

For a burst of vibrant color during the winter months, the Holiday Cactus is a delightful choice. With its cascading branches adorned with joyful blooms, this plant is a symbol of the season! Easy to care for and known for its resilience, it's the perfect gift for someone who wants a splash of holiday spirit year after year. Plus Holiday Cactus is non-toxic and safe for pets!

Frosty Fern

A Frost Fern plant with delicate green fronds, tinged with white, in a gold pot.

Looking to bring a touch of winter wonderland indoors? The Frosty Fern is your answer. With its silvery foliage resembling frost-kissed leaves, this plant is a unique and enchanting addition to any home! It's a subtle yet elegant way to capture the magic of the season. Frosty Ferns are charming additions to anyone's holiday decor!

Blooming Amaryllis

An Amaryllis bloom atop a green stem . The bloom is white with pink edges and ruffled leaves.

Amaryllis flowers are a stunning symbol of the holiday season! These bulbs grow into stunning, large blooms that add a dramatic flair to any space. A Grow-It-Yourself Amaryllis plant kit is perfect for the DIY-er or green thumb in your life. They'll watch as the bud unfurls into a breathtaking flower, making this gift a spectacle of beauty and wonder! Choose from 3 available varieties to find the perfect match.

Prayer Plants

A set of 2 Prayer Plants - one green and one red - in  gold pots.

Prayer Plants bring a sense of peace to those who care for them. Named for its unique leaf movement resembling hands in prayer, this plant adds a touch of beauty to any room. Prayer plants are safe for pets and do well with low light, making a wonderful option for a hopeful plant parent! These beauties are a gift that keeps on giving with their ever-changing foliage!

Flowering Anthurium

An Anthurium Plant with green leaves and red blooms in a gold pot.

For a touch of color, Anthuriums are an excellent choice! Known for its heart-shaped blooms in bright red, this plant is a symbol of love and hospitality. Long lasting blooms rise from heart-shaped green foliage, bringing together the colors of the season. Anthurium plants are a stylish addition to any home, adding a pop of color that lasts long beyond the holiday season!

Can't decide on the best gift? Grab a bundle of our most popular holiday houseplants:

This holiday season, consider gifting more than just material possessions! Houseplants offer a connection to nature and a sense of well-being. As you browse for the perfect gift, think about the lasting impact of a live plant – a reminder of your thoughtfulness and a breath of fresh air for the recipient.

So, why not ditch the usual gifts and opt for something that grows with love? Your friends and family will thank you as they watch their new green companions thrive and flourish, bringing joy long after the holiday decorations are packed away. This year, make it a green and memorable celebration!


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